DSS provides non-subscriber, visual audits as well as full system audits.  The non-subscriber audit will determine the connection status of all homes not currently subscribing to Video service.  We will provide you a list of all unauthorized connections as well as a list of all additions and deletions to the system’s database.  Unauthorized connected addresses are verified with your system’s records and converted to paying Customers or disconnected by the operator or our own auditor.

DSS also provides full system audits which, when used in conjunction with a DSS door-to-door campaign delivers the greatest number of new and premium subscribers, include the following:

  • Verification of subscriber’s status per system records and notation of discrepancies
  • Corrections of your database
  • Tagging and recording of all drops
  • Disconnection of possible illegals and doorhang home
  • Installation of traps if needed to correct the level of service
  • Verification of the tightness of all fittings at the taps
  • Installation of trap sleeves and brackets
  • Locking all pedestals and application of security stickers
  • Reporting of all plant corrections