Direct Sales Solutions

Your Direct Door-to-Door Customer Acquisition Resource

Direct Sales Solutions is a team of highly motivated individuals who are focused on providing a viable option for staffing in the Door to Door residential marketing channel for nationally recognized Clients who are vendors of Internet, Voice and Video services.  With a growing national presence, the DSS team is led by respected experts, many with over 30 years experience in direct Door to Door sales, who are acknowledged leaders in their field.

The DSS program is not based on seniority but rather on sales performance.  Advancement is also based on sales performance and the ability to interface with the Client and the Door to Door residential Customer, as well as performance in the field and the ability to close sales.  DSS Clients include:  Comcast, Cox Cable, Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable.

We hire enthusiastic and self-motivated individuals who are team players and who have the ability to communicate information and ideas when speaking to others.  We are looking for individuals who are willing to take on responsibility and challenges and who enjoy working with the public and display a good-natured, cooperative attitude.